Fundraising: Spheroid needs your help!!!

I am Antonio "Fennecai" Knapp, A Game developer, sound designer, story writer, video maker, artist, and child of God.

this is my story.

at age 4, I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome- more commonly known as Autism Spectrum Disorder.  All my life, It has been a blessing and a curse. I see the world differently than others, and I love to create Games. But It makes other aspects of my life difficult, because even the simplest things can be a challenge, such as advertising my games or talking to new people, which makes it very difficult to create and publish a game.

I am raising money for the development of my first PC game, "Spheroid". I will be using the funds to pay a level designer, and possibly other people (marketing expert, 3d artist, etc.) to help me to create the game and make my dream of starting an indie game development studio come true!

I need the funding soon, however- within a month and a half, at most. because passionate level designers and artists are hard to come by; it is difficult to find one who is willing to wait for me to have the funding they need.

This support will mean so much for me- for years, I have always loved creating and coding games, but I have never seen much- if any- support from others. Support is rare for me, let alone any comment at all, on my work. Support for this project will be huge for me, because It will help me to achieve to my dream, and it will show me that there are people who want to see my success outside my family and friends.

My dream is to start an indie game development studio and make a living off my work. I just need a nudge in the right direction.

Any help will be very greatly appreciated! even if you only give one dollar, it will still make me very happy. Every dollar counts. :)

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