Beta 9 update

* fixed the loading screen not actually doing anything
* changed "World complete!" text at level end to flicker, now says "World Path Complete!"
* re-ordered pause menu buttons and renamed a few
* re-introduced the "Return to hub" button, after finally realizing that it had mysteriously vanished sometime during development
* there is now a particle effect to indicate a checkpoint
* improved the clarity of the tutorial text in level 1, for those who have the hint text enabled in the options menu
* removed the word "necessarily" from the help menu because, ironically, it wasn't necessary.
* added a new cheat code- "tiny".
* removed a potentially copyright-infringing cheat, "abrams", which spawned a robot head on the spheroid that looked a little too familiar for star wars fans. it was buggy anyways.
* added some more stuff to the hub, and changed some details
* the intro cutscene has also changed - but its still a placeholder. Story update  with more cutscenes and voice acting to come at a later point.
* made some changes to level 1 to adjust difficulty

EDIT: oops, forgot to publish this for a long time.


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