Beta 6 update

Changes include:

* completely remade level 3, "Series of tubes." now its actually quite a bit of fun, and matches my vision for the art of it so much better!

* made some small adjustments to the gameplay in level 1, "Laser City."

* the TPU (spinning teleporter thing in laser city) has a fresh new model.

* teliporter lasers now glow brighter and make a sound when teleporting

* vacuum tubes in level 3 also have a sound

* several changes to the hub

* the spheroid sounds like a taser and looks more like one too, when pressing USE.

* you can now control the volume of sounds and music seperately. Please let me know if you hear something when you arent supposed to though; as some audio sources may still be operating on their own volume settings rather than the menu's.


Spheroid - Old pre-steam beta 582 MB
Version 6 Feb 14, 2018

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